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Updated 2008-10

Playable version, runs under Silverlight 2.
Live demo at
Now you can upload files (.z80 snapshots and .rzx files) to your Isolated Storage and play them from there.

  • Load: loads the original ZX Spectrum Rom
  • Upload: upload a game to the application isolated storage
  • Run: runs the selected game
  • Delete: remove the selected game from isolated storage
Press 'Escape' to return to main menu.


A ZX Spectrum emulator focused on playing rzx files.


Released wpf screensaver: 0.96 Beta
You can find rzx files here: The RZX Archive


Alchemist Abu simbel profanation Game over
Jack the nipper 2 Kokotoni wilf Three weeks in paradise


Written by Pedro Anuarbe Cortés (Credits).

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